Whats Our Clients Say?

  • (Lose Weight Program)
    Mr . Ivan Lim From Malaysia
  • (Fat Loss & Muscle Toning Program)
    Ms . Martha From Canada
  • (Body Shaping & Muscle Toning Program)
    Ms . Jovita From Indonesia
  • (General Fitness Program)
    Mr . Ben Robinson From Australia
  • (Lose Weight & Lower Back Rehabilitation Program)
    Ms . Mimmi From Swiss
  • (Lose Weight & Muscle Toning Program)
    Mr . Christian From Australia
  • (Lose Weight,Body Shaping & Boxing Cardiovascular Program)
    Mr . Ridho Rhoma From Indonesia
  • (Kickboxing Cardiovascular Training Program)
    Mr . Christopher Gould From Australia
  • (Body Fit & Diabetic Rehabilitation Program)
    Mr . Paul Berthram from Sri Lanka
  • (Kickboxing Cardiovascular Training Program)
    Ms . Pat Jones from USA
  • (Lose Weight,Knee Rehabilitation & Muscle Toning Program)
    Mr . Adrian from England
  • (Body Fit,Shoulder Rehabilitation & Muscle Toning Program)
    Ms . Pallavi from India
  • (Lose Weight & Muscle Toning Program
    Mr . Tama Sukirno from Indonesia
  • (Lose Weight,Muscle Toning & Lower back rehabilitation Program)
    Ms . Ros Whitehair from Australia
  • (Kickboxing Cardiovascular Training Program)
    Ms . Eunice Salim from Indonesia
  • (Lose Weight & Flexibility Program)
    Mr . Peter Barnes From Australia
  • (Muscle Toning Program)
    Mr . Joe Cochrane From USA
  • (Lose Weight & Body Fit Program)
    Ms . Cindy Wong From Australia
  • (Lose Weight & Muscle Toning Program)
    Mr . Ary From Indonesia
  • (Lose Weight Program)
    Ms . Sitara from Sri Lanka
  • (Lose Weight & Muscle Toning Program)(lose 13 Kg less than 5 Months,Before 68kg & Now 55kg )"Ardie provided me with a great exercise regime, at my home, with no need to purchase any exercise equipment. He encouraged changes to diet, and a fun exercise regime that made getting fit and losing weight fun. He's a lovely guy, and we managed to laugh a lot despite the pain! I can't recommend him highly enough. I guarantee he'll make a difference to your fitness, muscle toning, weight loss, and more generally to your diet and exercise habits.Ardie is experienced at training expats, his English is good, and he is very professional."
    Ms . Jodi Weedon From Australia
  • (Lose weight & Back Rehabilitation Program)(Lose 6kg in 3Months & Fixing Back Bone Structure) "....I quit smoking 9 months ago and I needed someone to help me lose the weight,I gained cause of this.Ardie's patience and experience as a Personal Trainer allowed me to lose my weight and tone my muscles quickly.It is a pleasure to have someone dedicated,always positive and motivated to help u reach your goals.Cant wait for our next session...."
    Ms . Marine From France
  • (Lose weight Program)"...Only one word if u want to train with Ardie's : COMMITTED!!!Or He will torture u hahahahaha....Ardie's always motivated me to do the exercise & run my program,always trying and never give up that's what he's always saying to me....that's true!!!Thanks Bro...."
    Mr . Renee From Indonesia
  • (Lose Weight & Diabetic Rehabilitation Program)"...I Have a Diabetes 2nd stadium and doctor suggest me to do some exercise,Ardie's help me with it...before i only can do treadmill max.5 minutes and totally exhausted but now i can walk fast at treadmill speed by 5 to 7 incline by 3 more than 15minutes combining 10 minutes static bike resistance by 5 & 1 hour weight training,exciting not too much exhausted like before...!!!!And now i am not much using insulin by doing the exercise & keep good with the meal program that Ardie's give to me,cool : ) ..."
    Mr . Shannon Naylor From Australia
  • (Boxing Cardiovascular Training Program)"...My best days are my exercise days with Ardie's,not with standing the pain and exhaustion,getting to the end of the sessions is always satisfying.He also seems to enjoy the sessions and his enthusiasm helps make the work more fun.Very professional while we work out and a great guy "After-Hours".I strongly recommend him as a personal trainer...but don't bother thinking of excuses for slacking off...He doesn't listen.... : )"
    Mr . Jim Johnson From Australia
  • (Body Shaping Program)"...Ardie will train you till drop... : ) He customize the training program base on u'r needs and physical condition,it is always a different program every session,it work wonders on my body...!!!!"
    Ms . Intan (Abby) From Malaysia
  • (Body Fit Program)"I never thought i could work as hard as this in the gym,Ardie totally pushed me with the exercise & Meal program but keep allowed me to enjoyed my life.I can eat & drink anything i want on weekend hehehehe...tough effort,great results...i recommended Ardie as u'r trainer!!!"
    Mr . Will Fletcher From England
  • (Muscle Toning & Kickboxing Training Program)"Uuuuuppphhh...Ardie surely make me in pain! hahahahaha...but its a good pain cos he's totally pushing me hard to lose my weight & gain my muscle,now Im really happy for losing 4Kgs in 2 months without any supplement! by only following the Meal program & training that he gave me! he is still my trainer until now & never want to look another one :)Totally recommended Ardie as u'r Trainer!!!"
    Mr . Albert Santos From Cuba
  • (General Fitness & Kickboxing Training Program)"Ardi is an extraordinary professional.He has helped me not only to lose 9Kg in 3 months but to change my life style.Thanks to his constant advice and dedication i am now back in shape.I have won the battle to my passive office life.Now i have the strenght i need to do the things i like!Like trekking,running & ridding!Ardi is sharp,patient and still persistent and friendly! i strongly recommend him as u'r Personal Trainer! He makes going to gym fun...!!
    Ms . Rocio Aznar Daban From Spain
  • (Body Fit Program)"I strongly recommend Ardie as a trainer, I trained with him for 2 months while in Jakarta and was very happy about the results and Ardi's professionalism."
    Ms . Muriel Lauvigne From France
  • (Body Shaping Program)"Ardie is more than a trainer, he can motivate me to get fitter & make a fitness routine part of my life. He was very accommodating with my schedule, likes to "bully" (in a positive way) & allow me to curse anytime i want hahaha.. that was fun!and yes, he is a good friend too.I will be sure to recommend you to friends..Thank you Ardie!"
    Ms . Idan Pohan From Indonesia
  • It is not only the best program that we offer you but also the best result! Start your goal plan and leave us for the rest!
  • Ms. Enrica Lim
    The transformation of Ms. Enrica Lim, look at her abs now! Still on progress to have the best body shaping result! Join now!
  • Ms. Imelda
    Commitment determines result! Ms. Imelda took intensive exercises and meal plan with Personal Trainer Jakarta to have the best body shaping

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